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Surgeon-centric Solutions

Putting Surgeons First

Quality & Value

After decades of refinement in the design and function of orthopedic and spine implants, there are now multiple US and global suppliers of satisfactory devices. Notwithstanding our drive toward new and innovative products – with respect to the majority of day-to-day clinical indications – our baseline TALKEETNA 5.5 Lumbar Pedicle Screw and KASILOF Cervical Plate meet or exceed the quality needs of our surgical colleagues and their patients, while delivering a new level of value to the global market. Blending the best of US-based engineering and product development with world leading and cost-efficient manufacturing technology, TALKEETNA 5.5 Lumbar Pedicle Screw and KASILOF Cervical Plate offer the highest quality/value proposition in the market today.

At the same time, while our Axis-manufactured product line expands we are proud to offer a full complement of orthopedic and spine devices from some of the best design/manufacturing companies in the world.  Through strategic alliances with such outstanding companies as rti Surgical, Avitus Orthopaedics, and CrossRoads Extremities and Centric Medical, we offer a wide array of orthopedic and spine solutions that deliver on the Axis commitment to quality and value.

Kenai Orthopaedics Foundation

A portion of Axis Orthopaedics Corporation’s revenues are dedicated to the Kenai Orthopaedics Foundation (KOF), an independent 501c3 not-for-profit entity.

Kenai Orthopaedics Foundation (KOF) embraces a three-pronged strategy for meeting surgeons’ practice and professional needs: Clinical Research, Medical Education and Philanthropy.  Individually and collectively, this structure and these initiatives deliver real-world solutions in a compliant, ethical and sustainable fashion.

Clinical Research

KOF Clinical Research (KOF-CR)

Consistent with the broader Kenai Orthopaedics Foundation mission, KOF-CR is committed to advancement of orthopedic science and body of knowledge through clinical research projects.  By supporting independent clinical trials designed by KOF affiliates, we contribute to the advancement of orthopedic healthcare in concert with surgeon-partners sharing this commitment.

​Medical Education

KOF Medical Education (KOF-ME)

KOF-ME is the medical education arm of the Kenai Orthopaedics Foundation, dedicated to the advancement of orthopedic and spine clinical knowledge and skill through support of educational materials and programs developed by, and for, the orthopedic and spine healthcare community.


KOF Philanthropy (KOF-P)

KOF-P is the philanthropic arm of the Kenai Orthopaedics Foundation that supports the philanthropic efforts and interests of our surgeon-affiliates through the provision of medical devices, supplies and services to underserved communities domestically and aboard.